Getting Smashed By Hulk – The World’s Biggest Pitbull

...Did you get it back? We breathe training the best, protect your nose in the business, but we have a hole. Dogs are obedient fast and strong, but when you work with animals, this powerful there are always risks and with things that are wrong, you can hurt. I found a DVD, a line in 2004 and I set out to be the best in the business at breeding and training protection dogs but hasn't always been easy, 2009 and I was homeless starting to Atlanta, and I was really struggling to keep my life together. All I had with these dogs - and you know my own - you know well and determination to pick myself up and then get myself off the street in 2013.I moved to New Hampshire, that's when hope, hit the mainstream media and that's when Dean Ek really exploded and became a household name and life trains in a dramatic way. I owe everything I have to Hulk in his breed he's taken my life to new heights: So here at DDK we're much more than a kennel got. My crew got Lisa, and the course we've got my kids Jackson, Jordan, the heart of it all. Of course, it is the dogs and for them to be at the top of the game, we got a train and we got a train hard. He was part of my businesses proving to the world that these dogs are capable of. I think training their focus. Their control is second to none.They'Re, amazingly, sweet family dogs. You know, but when it's time to go to work when it's time to rock and roll, we teach them to turn on and turn on big time. Tdk is all about training. It's the most important thing. We do today, I'm gonna be training. Some of my top dogs. We got a general ace and holder ace is very ferocious. He'S a machine generally smart plus, we have a whole okay for the truck. Many people don't realize the intelligence Pitbulls really have and they learn extremely fast. You know they're, very obedient, so first up, I'm gonna be doing some training with the general he's easy, really amazing dog today we're gonna.Take you to some drills that really really emphasize his focus and control yeah. When we go into the training room was not always protection. We do a lot of obedience, training, you know, possessions sit-stay. It helps the dog stay. Sharp. Ah, the general misconception is that you know protection dog is just like a rogue dog. You know basically, that just it's gonna bark and bite at anything I mean they're, the total opposite of that. You know they're completely controlled. They should be able to go anywhere and be completely normal until they're told otherwise. Everything that I do with dogs really kind of has to do with protection.Something here faces sit enter the dog entering in between the legs. Are you know, being close to your body and guarding you against right underneath you know, and then we move forward. He moves with me when I walk the basis of tactical movement. You know, that's really all that it is he's doing amazing today, but to keep general in table form. We got to step things up a little bit gonna bring out two untrained dogs and we're just gonna kind of let them free run around and do whatever they want to do, and then we're gonna dump out all the balls. All the other dogs didn't go crazy and he's basically gonna remain focused, get through the exercise right, [, Music, ], I'm absolutely proud of the level of obedience that I instill into these dogs. That's how I've made my mark on the world is control. You don't have to say a lot. We just let the dogs speak for us. That'S it right general is you know the prime example of the ability that you know we instill into these dogs. He is probably one of the most focused dogs in the next up is ace. You know he's one fierce dog today: we're gonna do a police-style scenario which really emphasizes his athleticism. A good security dog has to stop on command, even though most extreme situations aces are very fired up and basically like a missile trapped in a little body, ready to go guys good.When these dogs are in high Drive, you know they're very intense, they're, very ferocious when we're simulating training its simulation, but you gotta understand these dogs are gon na, go they're gonna, be so they're gonna be owned by somebody, and they always have to be under control, so you're out command is very important. Ace is awesome. The dog he's definitely got some fire in him, but he knows his commands and he performs really well.So, yes, one Marlin will jump into the suit every chance he gets. I won the sleeve a bunch of times, but I'll leave the suit stuff to Marlon. I prefer something a little bit more mellow and calm. I like the obedient stuff Marlins, the extreme one, with like the four-wheelers and doing wheelies and now getting bit by dogs. He'S more of an adrenaline junkie, so I'm used to it I'm most at home, and this is my work suit. You know, so I got my tie on him. I'm ready to go. I can go on top of the car now real, quick,I'm always proud of Ace, you know when he performs well, and you know he hits all those marks and then he returns and he does everything that he's supposed to do properly. So good training sessions always make me happy ace here. The river brings him out hits the river. Take a good balance. The dog doesn't fear, people he's perfectly fine, perfectly friendly, is not bark and actually doesn't want to bite. You that's my point in protection dog yeah. When, when the ace isn't working, I mean he's just a regular dog, you know and when it's time for an ace to go to work, he turns right on and you know he put his life on the line from him. He has before last, but definitely not least, my pride and joy.The big brown guy Hulk this dog is my life, he's extremely special to me hope, bro time this real, quick and with him, I've taken my life to Heights that I could have never imagined we're gonna work with Hulk, I'm just gonna. Let him have a little fun today. Well, we'll let him smash me out of the chair a few times and run them through a couple other. You know just basic exercises. You know I mean it just keeps the dog moving, keeping them active and I mean that's. That'S really what it is that we're doing it's just routine things that we do. You know to keep the dogs on point. You know to let him understand that you know here there's more to his life than email, just walking around and taking photographs with people.You know that he does have a job to do at the end of the day and he has to remember you know who he is at different times, and this is part of who he is you know people love his soft side, but he's a big dog. So I think he enjoys to be a big dog from time to time. I always know it's gonna be a painful, crazy experience. You know when I trained, or even our low levels side he's. A very intense, though, can't be scared, though you know you're gonna get bit by dogs in the wrong business. Work, wawk, Amaro, there's no moving from here. It's not my favorite exercise, the whole chair, routine, mildly, painful experience, but he loves it. So, every once in a while, it's given or takes you to know you give him what he loves and you sacrifice ourselves when you say hope, transform from this gentle giant to this huge hope. It'S like seeing two totally different sides of them see him, Marlene. Take bites like that just makes me know that I don't want to do that right, Don'T do that! Ah, that one hurt. I landed wrong. How I was no good summer on my back now.Okay, as a big dog has a big dog, you say whatever you like go grab hold you there's nothing you do about it. This suit is like cheating. Without this, it's not having a picture. You want to take a hand from the whole guys he feels like getting hit by a truck and then getting a bit down. You know by like a t-rex or something hitting the ground, then it felt like something broke instantly. I thought I was gonna need it. You know maybe see the chiropractor maybe see the doctor after that one kind of knew. He himself felt pretty good. I'm a mother of two kids. I can't afford to have Marlon, be out, hurt and have to pick up the slack from him at work.Yeah, I'm good they're good, I'm good Jordans good present the relationship my kids have with Hulk and the other dogs is very important today I think yeah. You know you got to see a little bit of the other side of the Hulk, the green Hulk when he turns green and he likes to smash things into the ground. It took me a few days to get over that one and a couple of good massages, some ice, just gonna have the stay still, but that one definitely ranks up there on the pain. It'S just physical pain. You know that I felt you know, while, while working with these dogs, of course, it's all part of the game, I'm gonna stay on top. I can't stop because I got hurt. I enjoyed the train dogs, you know I, it doesn't scare me, you know just because I got dumped today doesn't mean I'm not gonna be in the bike suit. Tomorrow I mean it's just my job. This is what you

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