No More Bowl: Top 5 Best Dog Feeder Toys

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 No More Bowl: Top 5 Best Dog Feeder Toys

It's a fact that most modern-day puppies have become lazy at mealtimes. While their ancestors invested the working day engaging their brains by hunting and scavenging for their banquets, nowadays all they have to do is lay down in the living room waiting for their dish to magically fill up with kibble!What proprietors don't realize is that by allowing their bird-dogs to become lazy and by ignoring their need to search for food, their furry friends can quickly become bored and destructive leading to countless chewed up furniture and slippers!

Add a Special Twist to Your Dog's Eating Habits!

If your puppy is home alone for a good part of the day, it's likely that the three biggest perks of his daily routine are seeing you come home, going for a stroll and feeing his dinner. If you are feeding your bird-dog from a food bowl, your dog is likely drooling in anticipation as you prepare his meal. Then, once the food bowl is put down, the meal is wolfed down in record time. Eating that food so fast can lead to choking and even health problems such as regurgitation, flatulence and, in a worst-case scenario, life-threatening bloat! On top of that, what trash! The food in the bowl could have been put to more productive use to mentally stimulate your puppy and give him a little more exercise.

Food Bowl Alternatives

Don't put your dog's food to waste by lay it in the meat bowl and let him gobble it down in seconds! The authorities have several other options at your disposal. No, this doesn't mean that you will have to unleash your puppy and take him to the fields for a good old fashioned duck hunt, nor does it means you will have to let him go sniff a trail in search of bunnies. From the convenience of your home, you can give your dog the opportunity to work for his food as nature aimed, devoting him that mental stimulant he craves. Here are my top 5 recommendations for dog feeder toys.

5 KONG Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is a nifty little invention, you simply unscrew it, fill it with yummy doggy treats and watch as your dog rollings it all around the floor! Because of the hole on the side, when it is rolled over treats are free to drop out. This is a great way to keep your dog active and reduces the risk of bloat by preventing your dog from eating his snack too quickly. Two fowls with one stone! The Wobbler provides hours of amusement and is pretty cheap too constructing it one of my most recommended toys!Einstein Says: Make sure the treats you put into the toy are small enough to fit through the hole in the doll otherwise your bird-dog won't be able to get them out.Get The KONG Wobbler >>

4 Classic KONG

Like the Wobbler, the classic KONG is a toy that your bird-dog has to tip and roll around to get the treats that are hidden inside. The classic designing features two pits, a smaller one on the top purpose which smaller treats such as kibble can fit through, and a larger hole on the bottom which can accommodate larger treats. When applying this toy stuff the bottom end with cookies and top it up with kibble. The cookies will be harder to get out due to their size but are much more rewarding!Einstein Says: Us puppies adoration mingling it up! Why not give your dog the Wobbler one day and the classic KONG the next? That behavior you will retain assortment in his life!Get The Classic KONG >>

3 Paw Hide Puzzle

The Paw Hide puzzle is a cool little toy where you place treats for the purposes of the cups. Your dog will reek the treats hiding for the purposes of the beakers and will have to lift them off to get at the meat! Be advised, however, that some owners have reported problems linked to their puppy not being able to lift out the beakers, or the plastic cracking which can lead to sharp sides. For a safer alternative understand" The Muffin Game" in the Brain Training For Dogs course.Einstein Says: If you use this toy, why not get creative? Instead of filling every single hole with treats, why not set them under only some of the beakers. You can even put different treats into each holder to give your dog an astound!Get The Paw Hide Treat Puzzle >>

2 Nina Ottosson Puzzle Games

Nina Ottosson is well involved in producing good quality dog puzzles. All of the playthings are well thought out and constructed, from slipping block puzzles where your dog has to shift blocks to uncover treats, to the" treat maze" play which is basically a harder version of the KONG toy we mentioned earlier.Einstein Says Woof! I adoration playing with the dog twister!Get Nina Ottosson Puzzles >>

1 Feed Meal Portions During Training

Instead of giving your dog his food all in one go, why not save a small portion of his dinner to develop? Using dinner segments as training rewards helps to avoid feeding your puppy too many calories during the day. To set it a different way, can you imagine how quickly you'd gain weight if you had your three square meals every day PLUS a bunch of snacks every time you did something good?Many of the games in my course mix banquets and fun together. My personal favorite is the" Treasure Hunt" game, but there are plenty of plays in the course which can act as great alternatives to the boring food bowl. The course will save you a lot of money by teaching you how to create your own KONG toy and Paw Hide Puzzle employs only household items, as well as many other engaging games that integrate meals with fun and exercise!Get Brain Training for Dogs >> 

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